Lyndsey Garza

Myself, 2015.

Hi, I’m Lyndsey.

 I am currently a Publisher Account Executive at Q1Media.

I graduated from the University of Missouri in 2014. I double majored in journalism and psychology, with a minor in business and a multicultural certificate. My emphasis was in strategic communication (or advertising) and I pursued a second degree in psychology to expand my understanding of how the human mind works.

My true passion is digital strategy.

What is unique selling point, you ask?

I have the tenacity of a journalist with an insatiable hunger to;

one. prospect, develop, nurture and grow strong client relationships.

two. co-create digital strategy to obtain any and every client’s goals, needs and challenges.

three. deliver action items to drive client/brand/agency KPI’s for a real, measured ROI.

I fancy myself as a creative account person with an innate passion for digital advertising, strategy, account planning and social media.

Please feel free to explore my website for more information about my professional endeavors and connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn for more engagement.

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