Want to get nosy and learn more about me?

For the most in-depth opportunity, check out my DISC Profile. The DISC  is a behavior assessment tool that was developed by psychologist William Marston. Marston’s theory concentrates on identifying four personality traits; dominance, inducement, submission and compliance.

I scored highest on the influential dimension. My DISC type can be described by inducement, inspiring, impressive, interacting and interesting.

I am described as:

– “social, persuasive and friendly”

– “energetic, busy, optimistic and distractible”

– “imaginative, with a focus on the new and future”

– “people-focused, active and outgoing”

– “imaginative, big-picture focused, future-minded”

– “likes change”

– “flexible to changing world”

In a group setting, the DISC analysis suggests engaging highly influential individuals by:

– Be social and friendly with them, always building the relationship

– Listen to them talk about their ideas

– Help them find ways to translate the talk into useful action

– Don’t spend too much time on the details

– Motivate them to follow through to complete tasks

– Recognize their accomplishments

For more analysis, click here.


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