How Google Glass Will Change the World

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 We were born into using social media – and now 75 percent of Millennials live within the confines of social mediums. The pioneering of our generation’s next monumental technological advance, Google Glass, and the revolution of “human media” is burgeoning.

This phenomenon, dubbed by Emmy-winning journalist Sarah Hill, “goes beyond text-based social media posts by utilizing face-to-face communication available through Google+ Hangouts.” Human media allows for users to convey a deeper level of interaction and specifically, Glass forces YAYA consumers to reimagine what it means to be mobile and connected socially.

Reality is now augmented

Reality as we know it, thanks to Glass, is getting much closer to the futuristic augmented one of movies and video games.

The innovation of applications on Glass can pave for real life, real world gaming. Google owns Niantic Labs, a division that creates augmented reality games. The first of its kind designed for Glass is called Swarm and is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) game, which incorporates an augmented reality of humans as ants in a colony.

Telephone your doctor

Glass is bridging a brand new horizon of technological advances in medicine and education. The exciting merge of medicine and telecommunication is called telemedicine and encompasses information technology.

In June, Dr. Pedro Guillen became the first surgeon to operate with Glass on­­. The Spanish doctor performed a complex surgery (which he pioneered) to repair a damaged knee. Dr. Guillen’s surgery was broadcast to Stanford University’s School of Medicine for young, emerging physicians to observe. Telemedicine and Glass can help facilitate broader, endless medical education, treatment and research for physicians, students, and even patients. Glass could help reach patients in remote or isolated areas of the world and allow them to access medical attention.

People with medical complications can wear Glass to make life a little less difficult. One patient with brain damage uses Glass to photograph where his keys are in the house. In a recent interview on The Next Web with Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist, Vint Cerf showed how a blind German speaker and a deaf American Sign Language speaker could communicate instantaneously through Glass.

No need to ask Jeeves… Or Siri.

The power of Glass could transcend that of a personal assistant (never mind Apple’s Siri or now Google’s Now) and will be able to become each individual owner’s partner in a common sensory environment – a place where language and location aren’t barriers. Glass will put immediate context in real time to every situation.

Learning in the context of the classroom could very well be a thing of the past. The ability to access massive open online classes will allow any individual to learn at their own pace – wherever, and whenever.

You’re only safe if you blink

Once anyone can look at any everyday object and access information on it, advertising in the real world will drastically change. Metrics like cost per click or per impression could transform to cost-per-gaze. What would it cost one company for a few seconds of your vision?

While Google has been quick to dispel that the technology will be used for advertising, there leaves third party companies to develop on the platform. Google has already been awarded a patent that will allow people to identify real world advertisements, while their eye movement, position and images present are simultaneously being tracked.

Glass could make the solace of a blink the only advertising-free zone. Scary, huh?

The future is here

According to a 2013 study by Media Bistro, more than 40 percent of Americans are ready to embrace Google Glass by 2017. YAYAs and Millennials are the largest demographic of early adopters, with the largest amount of buying power. We are the professionals of our future and we are the future of human media.

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