We are writing today in regards to Apple’s use of a squeeze page to increase their targeting of the boomerang generation. We believe that combining a squeeze page with a special offer as Apple proposes is an excellent way of targeting this market segment.

A squeeze page creates source of interested consumers to generate website traffic and pursue follow-up sales (Fabre). Allowing consumers opt-in via social networks (Facebook/Twitter) could facilitate in-depth feedback which updates content based on users’ interaction with Apple. This builds loyalty and brand trust.

Research shows us that two features of the boomerang generation are critically relevant to this marketing decision. First, 78 percent believe they don’t have enough money to live the life they want. This suggests that they would be very sensitive to a discount offer on a luxury good that helps them live that ideal life.

Second, 34 percent of those aged 18-24 are still reliant on their parents for financial support. A lack of financial ability means these customers may need to delay their purchase until they are financially able to pay, which makes obtaining contact information for follow-up key to closing many sales.


If Apple wishes to continue creative optimization towards this segment, we believe that advertising iOS features as unique selling points would be a potent strategy. For example, purchasing an iPad gives customers access to iTunes U, which offers hundreds of thousands of free educational materials from prestigious schools regardless of their limited income (Perez).


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