We are writing today to recommend ways that Disney can leverage digital segmenting.

Disney has a very specific target market: a core market of girls aged 4-7 with a secondary larger market of girls aged 2-8. The younger girls are attracted to fantasy and role play as a means of interaction with the brand and deepening the brand relationship through fairies; the older girls, however, desire to be older and to have individuality and self-expression. This older target market is “confident, sassy, and ready to interact.”

Girls can access the Disney Fairies website and build their own fairy to interact with other fairy friends by participating in brand specific polls, playing interactive games and chatting. The social media experience allows young girls to find their own talents, fine tune them and in turn establish confidence in their uniqueness.

While children interact with the site and with their peers through the site, they continue to interact with the broader Disney brand and with Disney Fairies – a recurring experience where children learn to associate positive interaction and games with Disney’s characters.

To improve the Disney Fairies experience, we recommend redesigning the flow of the website to better guide this young demographic. We believe the website navigation is too cluttered, with over 25 links available above the fold. This could distract members of this young audience and reduce their ability to effectively interact with the strongly interactive and social elements of the website.


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