We are writing to you today to propose a design for a simulation advergame for Learning Care Group’s childcare centers.

We propose a fantasy simulation game set in a fantasy daycare facility for superhero children, where children assume the role of “growing” a childlike superhero persona through tycoon-style management and mini-games, like performing tasks by following directions, exploring new areas through treasure-hunting, random events like fire drills, and competing in puzzle and reflex-based challenges. Rewards for good performance would allow players to customize their daycare and increase the abilities of their superhero.

Players would choose the appearance, powers, and “backstory” of their superhero. This would encourage dramatic play, which helps children develop their cognitive abilities, as well as increasing the game’s attractiveness to players. Good Players could also interact cooperatively with other participants – which also increases the game’s attractiveness to this audience. These players could be found through social media integration as well as, for existing LCG customers, matching children from the same daycare facility.

The concept we propose has a number of key benefits. It leverages demonstrative integration to a high degree in that it demonstrates the brand’s benefits even to customers of a young age as well as to parents in a natural setting where, powerfully, the brand is the game. It also uses a number of features, including player and game-space customization, social interaction, and challenges and rewards, to increase the game’s staying power and attractiveness.


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