Here is a collection of the transcripts I authored for Newsy.

10-year-old Regains Hearing with Cochlear Implant


Unidentified Cardinal Suspected of Involvement in Vatileaks


New Website Claims ‘We Know What You’re Doing’ on Facebook


Overnight YouTube Star Works Out

Big Tobacco Throws Big Money Against CA Tobacco Tax Measure


Chicago Mayor Proposes Pot Decriminalization


Americans Arrested After Irish Student’s Death


Bloomberg Defends ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ to Brooklyn Church


Santorum Unveils Conservative Nonprofit Organization


Robin Roberts Diagnosed with Rare Blood Disorder


Man With ‘Locked-In Syndrome’ Pleads Right to Die on Twitter 


Herman Cain to Host Own Radio Talk Show


Greek Parties Agree to Form Three-Party Coalition


Arizona Official: ‘Possible’ Obama Doesn’t Make Ballot


Chinese Activist and Artist Ai Weiwei Barred from Court


George Zimmerman’s Bond Revoked


Mexicans Head to Polls Sunday to Vote for President


Facebook Adds Mobile-Only Ads


Atlanta Megachurch Pastor Denies Punching, Choking Daughter


Nintendo Unveils Wii U GamePad


Phone Therapy Can Treat Depression: Study


Anonymous Hacks Dept. of Justice 


Facebook Unveils Mobile Option to Find Friends Nearby


Soda Ban Critics Hit ‘Nanny’ NY Mayor Bloomberg


Shorter University ‘Lifestyle Statement’ Angers Some Faculty 


Aimee Copeland Loses More Limbs to Flesh-Eating Bacteria


Apple Axes Ping Facebook Integration in iOS 6


Diesel Fumes Elevated to ‘Known Carcinogen’


Vending Machine Pizza Coming to America


Baby Chimp Mauled at L.A. Zoo


Chagas Disease a Potential Pandemic


Woman Sues 13-Year-Old Little League Catcher 


Former Indian Army Major Murders Family, Takes Own Life


Chemical Castration for Rapist in First for South Korea


CNN Reserves ‘No Reservations’ Star Anthony Bourdain


Two Olympic Runners Tie in 100-meter Dash


Woman Claims Squid Inseminated Her Tongue


NYC Man Caught Secretly Photographing Women for Website


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