I designed a 65-page book on consumer insights and research for Secret Clinical Strength deodorant. This project was the focus of my Management of Strategic Communication class in the spring of 2013. As a group of 6, we hosted focus groups, shop-alongs and one-on-one interviews to support primary and secondary research about Secret Clinical Strength users. We uncovered dynamic and surprising tensions and insights from our target audience profile — the “Fresh Starters.”

We unearthed these 7 key findings about our target audience.

1. These deodorant users crave consistent routine in order to feel their best and confident.

2. “Fresh Starters” are influenced by others when it comes to personal care products. Interpersonally, they are influenced by their moms and close friends. Experientially, these consumers spend a lot of time researching their products in aisle.

3. These consumers are willing to pay a premium for protection.

4. A strong deodorant gives them reassurance that they can accomplish anything.

5. Cleanliness is closely tied to how they feel about their appearance.

6. Secret has a high brand affinity with this target, as they grew up with the brand. “Fresh Starters” perceive that the brand understands who they were and who they aspire to be in the future.

7. These deodorant users doubt the claim that stress sweat smells worse than normal perspiration. (This comes as a retort to Secret Clinical Strength’s advertisement campaign “Stress Stinks”).

Please contact me for more detailed information on the research and to see a digital version of the book!


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