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“Lyndsey is a Content Marketing Specialist and MOJO Ad Liaison for YAYA Connection. She is passionate about strategy and utilizes her unique skills to cross promote and develop strategy to further the growth of both agencies. Last semester, she served as the Social Media and Interactive Specialist on MOJO Ad for Walmart Sustainability.

Lyndsey is currently an Account Management Intern for AdKarma, where she optimizes and manages online display advertisements, mobile and pre-roll video campaigns. She is extremely calculated with her time, balancing many extracurricular roles, a dual major in psychology and minor in business. She is currently authoring a research study on the effect of advertising on preschool children’s preference for toys.

Lyndsey has many eclectic hobbies including extreme couponing, collecting vintage cameras and teaching pottery to children and adults. When she is not consumed by smothering her two cats, she loves to bake from scratch.

True to her obsession with all things digital, one of her defining achievements was winning an award in the fourth grade for typing over 100 words per minute.”


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